Medotemic has a vision to help people back to a symmetrical movement pattern and an active life, through usage of the mobile phone as tool and trainingsupport.

About us

Medotemic AB develops solutions for objective gait deviation analysis, e.g. resulting from injury or pain. Sensor data collected via the smartphone alone is analyzed via proprietary algorithms. The resulting feedback is used by patients in their daily lives to get immediate and objective feedback on improving their gait and balance. Resulting data is used as decision support for physiotherapists to provide better treatment and improve rehabilitation. Untreated, gait deviation and asymmetry can lead to a learned walking behaviour which is difficult to change without help, and the uneven loading on the body will sooner or later lead to additional avoidable injury or complications. The first target group is people with osteoarthritis, those undergone knee/hip joint surgery, strokepatients or attendees in osteoarthritis hip/knee schools. Among other markets, the system can also be used preventively for athletes to avoid injuries and optimize training.

System overview: mobile phone app, web interfaces and cloud solution


Medotemic has a vision to help people back to a symmetrical movement pattern and an active life, through usage of the mobile phone as tool and trainingsupport.


The products utilizes data from existing sensors in smartphones and no additionell sensors are needed. Download the app from Google Play or AppStore, register as anonymous user and start to use. Get the result through the mobile phone or the web. The views are printable.

Our products and services have the potential to contribute to an environmentally sustainable society, according to some of the UN’s 17 Sustainable development goals in Agenda 2030;

Goal 3 Good health and well-being: by reaching out and helping more people in a simplified way.

 Objective 13 Climate action: through reduced need of transport as eHealth means increased distance care.

Product Offering

Medotemic AB develops products for motion analysis with a focus on prevention and rehabilitation of asymmetric (limping) walking patterns.


The product Medomotion is aimed at individuals who want to follow up on their movement pattern. Medomotion is an app that is downloaded from either Google Play or AppStore and is free. A web interface shows more details and graphs of your results from walking. The product can be used by those who participate in osteoarthritis school in order to be able to monitor whether the movement is becoming increasingly symmetrical as the exercise program is implemented. Registration is done anonymously. Read more under the tab Medomotion which is selected in the menu at the top of this page.


MedoClinic is a product intended for caregivers and patients. Caregivers using the system can connect patients, set targets, and follow up patients via detailed remote motion analysis. The limping index, which is calculated, among other measures, is an objective index that has been calibrated together with physiotherapists. In this way, not only individual patients but also the results of osteoarthritis schools can be followed up objectively. Clinics interested in testing the system contact Lars Nilsson, email; Read more under the tab MedoClinic selected at top of this page.



Medotemic Team

Lars Nilsson, MSc
Business Development

Magnus Helgstrand, PhD
Software Development

Andreas Jakobsson
Prof. Mathematical Statistics
Algorithm Development

Johan Swärd
PhD Mathematical Statistics
Algorithm Development

Anders Ruland
Chairman of the board

Simon Svensson
Software Development


Through research and development with companies related to Lunds tekniska Högskola and tests performed in collaboration with Lund University, an advanced product based on mobile sensor technology is being developed. The product supports people that, for some reason, need help in their training to return to a more symmetrical gait/movement pattern.

Medotemic collaborates with;
the Swedish organisation Almi Företagspartner, Reumatikerdistriktet Skåne, SMILE Incubator, Lund University and is a member of Healthtech Nordic.

Latest news

21 Jan 2019

Hip/knee osteoarthritis schools visited

Starting from January 2019, hip/knee osteoarthritis schools are visited for information on the products Medomotion and MedoClinic. The participants in osteoarthritis schools who are interested in following up their asymmetric movement after exercise therapy having a smartphone, can test the system free of charge. To begin with ...

13 May 2018

Our first product Medomotion is now available at AppStore and Google Play

The app Medomotion can now be found for downloading at AppStore and Google Play. Search for Medomotion and follow the instructions given. The app can at moment only be downloaded in Sweden, but can be used  anywhere in the World, for example during vacation. The account is created through the app. The same username and pa...