Are you limping?

Use the Medomotion app, downloaded for free from Google Play or AppStore.

Start the app, place your phone in a waist-bag or in your pocket, and walk. Sensor data is collected and after a walk of at least two minutes, your level of asymmetric walk is estimated and displayed directly on the phone or on the web.

A limping index between 0-100 shows your degree of asymmetric gait. This will help you to easily see if your limping changes over time.

At the same time, you help us improve our gait analysis. Walking data is collected anonymously and you help us improve the analysis!

Follow the results on the web in tables and graphs. Username and password are created in the app when logging in the first time. Then login to the web can be done by using the same username/ password.

 Login to Medomotion web


 Download the manual here


Medomotion is the name of the application (in the following called “the app”) which is installed on the mobile phone (a.k.a. smartphone) with operating systems iOS or Android. The app can be found on AppStore or Google Play when searching for the name of the app “Medomotion”.

iPhone users have to use iPhone 4S or later models. Android have to use a mobile phone with Android version 4.3.1 or later.

The results can be viewed on the web using a computer or tablet. The same username and password are used as login on the app and the web.

The app can only be downloaded to a smartphone and it is not intended for collecting data with a tablet. Therefore, it is not possible to download the app on tablets. However, the results may be viewed on the web using a tablet, laptop or similar.

The mobile phone should primarily be carried in a waist-belt worn around the waist and positioned in the front or back during the whole walking session (exercise). Secondarily the mobile phone can be placed in the left or right front or back pocket of the trousers. It is important that the mobile phone is placed tight to the body and that it doesn’t move/rotate in the pocket. When the app is started it is important to specify where the mobile is located during the exercise to receive a correct result. This is stated in the app when starting an exercise.

Exercise duration and velocity
The app is to be used in connection with taking an outdoor walk. The walking velocity should be 3-4 km/h or more. Normal gait velocity is often defined to 5 km/h, but varies with age.

To be able to analyze the sensor data collected, a walk of at least two minutes of Active walking is required. This means that it is possible to stop multiple times during a walk as long as there is at least two minutes of active gait data gathered. If the amount of sensor data collected not is enough an error message will be shown. To avoid this it is recommended to have a margin by walking over two minutes.

The application will automatically turn off after 60 minutes of use. This is a feature to prevent the application from continue running if you have forgotten to turn it off after your exercise. The result will not be affected as it is only the gait data generated which is analyzed. Inside the application settings, it is possible to change the 60 minutes limitation to 120 minutes before it automatically stops.

The app can also be used on a treadmill indoors, in e.g a gym.

Data upload
We recommend data to be uploaded when a WiFi connection is available depending on your type of mobile data contract. If a WiFi connection is used to upload data there are no charges to your mobile data account.

Battery saving mode
The app is energy optimized (out). Therefore, the mobile phone should not be set on battery saving mode while using the app. The battery saving mode will prevent the app from performing as intended.

Storing exercises
There is no need to upload sensor data immediately after each exercise. Data from several exercises can be stored in the app and uploaded jointly at a convenient time. Please note that uploading several exercises might prolong upload time.

Outside Sweden
The app can be used abroad in the same way as in Sweden although it is not possible to download the app outside Sweden if you are using an Android device. Whereas it is possible if you are using an iPhone and have registered your Apple-Id in Sweden. Tus make sure you have downloaded the app on your mobile phone before traveling abroad.

Date and time of training
It is the date and time set on the mobile phone in use that is logged in the system. If the date and time have been manually set incorrectly this date and time will be registered and displayed in the application and on the web. When traveling across time zones changes in time and date might be reset automatically or manually and the reset date and time will then be reported and logged in the system.

Results on the web
The exercise results can be view on the web. The exercise sessions are listed in chronological order. The results are also displayed graphically for the time period of your choice. Both limping index and number of steps are displayed in the graph in one-hour intervals. That is to say that if you perform more than one exercise session within the same hour a mean value is calculated for the limping index and the number of steps is summarized to a total value. For more information about limping index and functionality go to “Information” on the website.

Print from the web
The exercise results can be printed from the web. The exercise results, both limping index and the number of steps, are presented in a list and graphically for the time period of your choice. The view on your screen can be printed and handed over to your care provider for assessment.

User agreement

This User Agreement (“the agreement”) governs the relationship between the User and Medomotion / Medotemic AB, corporate ID 559040-9867, Medicon Village, 223 81 Lund (hereinafter referred to as the company). The User agrees that by ordering the Medomotion System (Service), the User also agrees to this Agreement and undertakes to comply with it.

  1. By clicking to accept this agreement, the User orders the service, the system consisting of the application and associated web page. Information about included products is presented on the company’s website.
  2. The User agrees to, in accordance with Swedish law (2005: 59) on distance contracts and agreements outside of business premises, waive his right of withdrawal when the order concerns digital information provided otherwise than on a physical medium.
  3. The User acknowledges that motion data is saved from the User’s use of the service. Data is stored completely anonymously and cannot be associated with the individual User. No personal data is stored together with the collected data. Only the User can identify their own results.
  4. The User undertakes to securely keep the Username and password. The company is unable to generate a new password to the User for access to already generated results, if lost. This is due to system security and to ensure complete anonymity for the User. If the password is lost, a new password will be supplied, but access to the results already obtained is not possible.
  5. The company reserves the right to modify and change functionality and business model in the service.
  6. The Úser undertakes to use the service only in accordance with the instructions of the company through the application or website.
  7. The User undertakes to in no way infringe the Company’s copyright of the service.
  8. If the User abuse the service, the company can terminate it immediately. If the User terminates his account, the User agrees that the company retains motion data, which is completely anonymous.
  9. The User understands that the service is not a medical device. The result of the service does not replace professional health advice or medical advice.
  10. Disputes arising out of this agreement shall be finally settled in court. Swedish law applies to the dispute.


Date and time of the listed results are incorrect

The system registers the date set on the mobile phone. Thus you have to reset the date on your mobile phone to ensure that the correct date and time are displayed in the app and on the web.

I do not get a result after my walk

The system requires a minimum of 1 minute of walking data to be able to perform analysis in addition it requires a certain walking velocity. Make sure that at least 1 minute of walking data is available and that you have walked at a minimum velocity of 4 km/h. You may pause several times during the walk, it will not affect the result.

It is not possible to download the app on my tablet

The app is intended to be used in combination with an Android or iOS (i.e. iPhone) based mobile phone. On a tablet it is possible to view results but it can not be used to collect walking data.

It is not possible to download the app on my mobile phone

The app can be downloaded on an iPhone 4S or later models, or to an Android-phone with Android version 5.0 or later. Check phone model and which Android version is installed. If possible, update your Android to the latest available version for your phone model and try again.

The results vary a lot

The limping index is calculated I relation to where the mobile phone is located. Make sure you correctly indicate where you place the phone before you begin to walk. Also make sure you carry the phone as tightly ass possible to your body. A waist pack or trouser pockets are recommended. If you believe you vary in the way you move during the walk this might account for the variation in the results. The phone should not be carried in large jacket pockets where the phone can move around and rotate. Neither should it be carried in a bag, for instance. It is important that the phone is place closely to the body while measuring.


If you need support, please contact us by email:
We will answer your questions as soon as possible.


21 Jan 2019

Hip/knee osteoarthritis schools visited

Starting from January 2019, hip/knee osteoarthritis schools are visited for information on the products Medomotion and MedoClinic. The participants in osteoarthritis schools who are interested in following up their asymmetric movement after exercise therapy having a smartphone, can test the system free of charge. To begin with ...

13 May 2018

Our first product Medomotion is now available at AppStore and Google Play

The app Medomotion can now be found for downloading at AppStore and Google Play. Search for Medomotion and follow the instructions given. The app can at moment only be downloaded in Sweden, but can be used  anywhere in the World, for example during vacation. The account is created through the app. The same username and pa...