Medotemic develops mobile systems for motionanalysis

We develop advanced systems for analysis of walking and running. The movement pattern is analyzed in detail by processing sensor data from the mobile phone.

Our products

The products that help you train purposefully

The products are tailored for you who want to follow up and improve your movement pattern in everyday life. The results are displayed directly on the mobile and the web. Analyze your own development or let a coach, physiotherapist, nurse or doctor follow you at a distance. Create a group or connect with friends.

The Mystep info app analyzes the walking and running steps. Asymmetry and other detailed motion parameters are calculated and reported in a simplified way, in detail lists and in graphs.

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The Myrunning app analyzes the running step and assesses your running form. Digital guidance helps you improve the individual running values. The Myrunning system takes your running technique to a new level.

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The Mysensorlog app collects sensor data in raw data format. This product is for you who want to analyze sensor data in detail. The result is sent to specified receiver as a compressed file.

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Get started and analyse your movement pattern.

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Lars Nilsson and Andreas Jakobsson founded Medotemic AB in 2016. The idea was originally
to measure asymmetry using the sensor data of the mobile phone. In the further work
it emerged that a variety of motion parameters could be calculated via sophisticated algorithms.

Grundare - Lars Nilsson

Lars (MSc/MBA) has a background in electronics and
the telecom industry. He has vast esperience in
product development in different industries.

Grundare - Andreas Jakobsson

Andreas is a Professor in mathematical statistics at
Lund University. For more than two decades he has worked
with algorithm development for a variety of applications.

Analyse your running style and
get tips on improvements!

The Myrunning app is in development phase


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The apps are available in the AppStore, Google Play and AppGallery (Huawei). If the app isn’t found, it means that your phone model is not supported. The app can be downloaded for iPhone 5s or Android 5.0 or newer models. Search for Mystep info or Myrunning and the app will be found.

You should be able to walk or run for at least 3 minutes of active time. This means that in total during a training session you need to be able to move for 3 minutes to get a good result. It is no problem to take breaks during a walk. Only time in motion is analyzed. You need be able to walk without walking aids to get all a full motion analysis performed.

In the Mystep info app, it is important that you choose the right activity when you start training. If you e.g. chooses running but walking, not all movement measures will be able to be calculated and vice versa.

For best results, the training should take place on a flat (non-hilly) and solid surface. It is recommended that the same shoes be used in training to be able to compare results in a fair way.

The app can be used indoors, but the measurements that require a GPS signal will not be possible to calculate. These are e.g. distance, step length etc. The app is currently not fully adapted for use on a treadmill, although several motion parameters are accurately calculated.

To get fair results on all movement measurements, the mobile phone must be carried in a waist bag on the back. The mobile phone should be worn close and steady to the body, ie not move in the bag. A waist bag can be found in, for example, well-stocked sports shops. It does not matter how the phone is placed in this bag (horizontal or upright).

Training can be started but the calculation of distance will be wrong. This means that some values will be uncomplete. We always recommend that training is started with a GPS signal, which normally means the training takes place outdoors.

Install the app on your new mobile phone and log in to your account with the same username and password as before. If you have forgotten your password, it can be reset. Your username must be entered.

The system only analyzes the data that is retrieved while you are moving. This means that if you stop one or several times, the system takes this into account. Stationary time is deducted.

The results are calculated based on the time you actually move, ie take steps. The system analyzes data from the first step. This means that you can start the app, place your mobile phone in peace and quiet in your waist bag and then start your training.

For the app to work, location data needs to be activated. This so that the app can capture sensor data during the entire walk, show on the map where you walked and calculate distance, speed, etc.

Contact a healthcare provider, preferably a physiotherapist, who can help you understand the background to the problem.

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