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Mystep info

The app Mystep info is downloadable at GooglePlay/AppStore/AppGallery.
On the web you log in via where you can read more about the product. The same username and password are used for both logins.

Download the app here (available on the Swedish market);


How the app is used

Mystep info analyzes movement when walking or running. A number of movement measures are calculated and displayed in detail both on the mobile phone and on the web immediately after the training.

To perform a correct asymmetry measurement, the mobile phone should be placed in a waist belt, with the mobile phone placed on the back of the lumbar spine. This location provides the highest precision in the measurements as the sensor recording is optimized. Walking should take place at least
3 minutes. The mobile must be a smartphone based on iOS, Android or Harmony (Huawei).

Connecting with friends, individually or in groups, allows you to follow each other’s training. This means, for example, that a running coach or caregiver can follow group members at a distance.

Motion parameters measured

Some of the parameters measured for assessing the movement are;

  • Active time is measured; ie the time that you are actually in motion
  • Ground contact time for left & right foot
  • Swing-time (foot in the air swingtime) for left & right foot
  • Vertical force
  • 6 minute walking test (6mWT) and Cooper test (12 minutes) when running. Analysis of the distance takes place for the best performance during a training session for a continuous
    6 and 12 minutes respectively
  • Asymmetry; calculated as deviation from symmetry for ground contact/foot in the air and
    step time)
  • Step time divided on left & right foot
  • Number of steps; the number of steps taken during movement is calculated
  • Distance that the person has traveled. Map is displayed with km indications
  • Step frequency; number of steps per minute
  • Walking and running speed
  • Changes in altitude
  • Stride-length
  • Step-time & step-length
  • Pace (min/km)

These measurements are displayed in summary, in detail and in graphs both in the app and on the web. Analysis report can be created on the website and saved as a PDF file.

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The Myrunning app is focused on running technique, running economy and digital motion assessment. The app is available for download on the Swedish market. Read more at

Download or read about the app here;

Myrunning is used for

  • measuring running form and running style
  • to perform running technique-tests
  • get running values that normally require additional sensors
  • get tips on how the various running parameters can be improved
  • study statistics on how your running develops
  • view graphs for individual running sessions
  • connect with friends or create/join running groups
  • get in contact with a running coach nearby

What is measured?

What is measured is a number of running parameters that normally require extra equipment in the form of eg activity bracelets, running watches or other sensors. Examples are flight time, ground contact time, vertical oscillation (movement), stride length, stride frequency, pace and vertical force, in addition to all the normalt displayed running measurements. Map shows where you ran and km indications are displayed. Graphs based on either time or distance allows you to analyze your running in detail.

Running form

Some measurements are calculated individually and collectively to assess your running form. A percentage is calculated for the following measures measured against performance at group level;

  • Frequency
  • Brake
  • Vertical quota
  • Vertical force

Depending on, among other things, your weight and running speed, these measurements are calculated. The measurements are compiled and give an assessment of your current running form as well as the type of runner. You will receive digital guidance on how to improve the various measures to improve your running technique.


The Mysensorlog app is available on GooglePlay. The app is used of those who want to collect and analyze sensor-data themselves.
Read more at: Mysensorlog

Download the app here:

The functionality

  • Logging of sensor data available in the mobile for accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, magnetometer and direction
  • Indication of whether these sensors are available
  • Each measurement is given a unique code to make it easier to distinguish measurements
  • The measurement can be saved locally or sent/shared as a zip file